Some are lucky to have tasted fresh produce right off the farm. It's a taste and food experience you should try because once you do, you're taste buds will never forget it. But, if you haven't lived on a farm, or been in close proximity to a farm stand, then you may not have had this advantage. One modern answer to solve this problem of access has been the growth of Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.

The CSA movement has had an interesting evolution. The National Agricultural Library defines a CSA as a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation, whereby the farmer gains some financial risk protection, and the consumers gain a superior produce supply they wouldn't ordinarily have.

The CSA concept originated in Japan around the decade of the 1960s, by a group of women who were concerned about pesticide usage, increase in processed food, and the loss of small farmlands. These same concerns are familiar even today. This first CSA in the United States was created in Massachusetts, and currently there are over 2,500 CSAs across the country. Interest from consumers of fresh fruits and vegetables continues to increase.

San Francisco Freshens-Up the CSA Model

Similar to the CSA model is FarmBox SF, a model where consumers purchase a share of farm fresh harvests, but they differ in that they support not one farm, but dozens of local farmers in order to bring you the best crops; which vary week by week. FarmBox SF has built strong relationships with Bay Area farmers to ensure that your produce is ripe when it's picked and bursting with flavor.

There are two big bonuses associated with FarmBox SF that make it worthy of your attention:

Read about the farms that they partner with because they are organic growers, and drum roll, they deliver to your door.

Quick and Easy Organics

It's easy to begin ordering. Select from several choices of FarmBox assortments. Then, take a look at the many other, varied food products they offer from meats, to nuts and dried fruit, to jams and honey, to eggs, oils, and vinegars. Complete your purchase and it will be delivered to your home or office door. FarmBox has the flexibility to set you up for scheduled weekly deliveries, bi-monthly, monthly or any time period you want. And, there's a pause option to suspend deliveries at any time. They have maximized every aspect of healthy marketing while saving you time and trouble.

The FarmBox website is replete with other supplementary information to ease your kitchen experience, including recipes, newsletters, and tips on storage and preparation. There are options for customization that are endless, including eliminating produce from you order that you dislike or to which you are allergic. Read further in The San Francisco Chronicle as they sing the praises of FarmBox SF in a recent article.

Farmer's Market To Your Door

You'll quickly find that there is no substitute for fresh organic produce. Become a proactive participant in your community, in your health, and contribute to a sense of sustainability and a better choice. Place an order with FarmBox SF, at 888.888.8590, and have farm fresh foods in your home.