Organic Produce Delivery: San Francisco

Are you interested in supporting local farmers and eating organically, without sacrificing convenience? Why not consider organic food delivery? San Francisco is rich with local farmers and food artisans who make up the Bay Area’s famous farmers markets. Though we can’t imagine a lovelier afternoon than strolling through a farmers market, we understand that many people have busy lives, hectic job schedules, evening appointments and busy family lives. It can be difficult to get to your favorite farmers market. That was the inspiration behind FarmBox SF’s organic produce delivery. San Francisco residents can now enjoy the best that local farmers and artisans have to offer – delivered in a fast, friendly fashion, right to your front door.

Benefits of Farm-fresh Grocery Delivery: San Francisco

There are a lot of benefits of farm-fresh grocery delivery. San Francisco farms boast some of the most bountiful and flavorful produce in the nation, born from rich soil, a temperate climate the passionate commitment of San Francisco farmers. Here are some of the most important benefits of buying an eating food from local farmers:

  • Local Food is Fresher: If you want the ultimate in freshness (and taste!) you have to go local. Produce that has been flown in or trucked across the country (as well as factory washed and sealed in plastic) just won’t have the same freshness and flavor as local produce does.
  • Local Food is Safer: Our small local farms do not use synthetic pesticides and farm-fresh delivery services, such as FarmBox SF, only work with responsible and organic farmers to provide fresh produce that is free of nasty and dangerous chemicals.
  • Local Food is Better for the Planet: When food is shipped thousands of miles, it takes a huge toll on the environment. Fresh produce that is locally-sourced is one of the best ways to improve your environmental footprint. Small, local farms also use sustainable growing practices that conserve energy and minimize your food’s environmental impact. Supporting local farmers also helps ensure your city has a lot of “green space” used by farmers.
  • Local Food Supports Your Community: Rather than lining the pockets of Monsanto, you will be contributing directly into the local economy.

San Francisco Produce Delivery

At FarmBox SF, we’ve modeled our San Francisco produce delivery service after the CSA. San Francisco residents take part in a CSA by purchasing a share in a farm to receive a portion of the harvest. However, FarmBox SF differs from the standard CSA in the fact that we partner with dozens of local Bay Area farmers to bring to the best and freshest new produce week after week. And we are able to support many farmers instead of only one. Our farmers are committed to providing top-quality produce that is grown using sustainable and organic farming practices. FarmBox SF also features local food artisans, such as cheese makers, whose products can be added on to any weekly delivery. To learn more about the organic produce delivery at San Francisco’s FarmBox SF, visit our today and check out website and view our farmers and artisans or sign up for your weekly delivery.